2022 Rates
In 2022 we will be open May 7 to Oct 10.

Click here for reservation form.

Site with Water & Electric

Two adults (18 and older) and up to 2 children. Additional adults $7.00 per night. Maximum number of people overnight per site is 6, Maximum number of adults per site is 4. (Larger families are welcome to contact us.)

Daily: $45.00
Weekly: $270.00
There is a Dump Station fee of $5.00 for registered campers. Mobile pump service is available.

Site with Water, Electric & Sewer

Two adults (18 and older) and up to 2 children. Additional adults $7.00 per night. Maximum number of people overnight per site is 6, Maximum number of adults per site is 4. (Larger families are welcome to contact us.)

Daily: $50.00
Riverside Sites Daily: $55.00
Weekly: $300.00
Riverside Sites Weekly: $325.00
Extended Stay: $925.50*
Riverside Sites Extended Stay: $1,015.50*
*Per 30 consecutive days, plus metered electric. Additional days beyond 30 day blocks will be prorated at $31.75 per day, $33.85 for Premium Riverside Sites. 30 days maximum on Riverside Extended Stays.

A portion of the above rates are subject to Vermont Sales and Use tax (6%) and are not included.

Call us for Seasonal Rates.

Rental RV

Dutchman 32' travel trailer sleeps up to 6 (one queen bed, four twin bunk beds) A/C and furnace. Full bath. TV in living area. Kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, stove with oven, coffee pot, toaster and a basic set of dishes, silverware and pots & pans. Fire ring and picnic table outside. Bring your own pillows, blankets and linens. Two-night minimum stay. No pets, non-smoking. $160.00 per night, $960.00 per week plus 9% VT Rooms & Meals Tax. A $200.00 damage deposit and $50.00 cleaning deposit is required upon check in. Both are refundable if unit is left in satisfactory condition at the end of stay.

Rental Trailer 2, Dutchman Exterior
Rental Trailer 2, Dutchman Interior
Rental Trailer 2, Dutchman Interior

Book a reservation Sunday night through Wednesday night and get Wednesday night FREE! (Rentals not included.) Gas saver special: Book two consecutive weekends and leave your camper onsite for $5.00 per day. Spring and fall leave your camper unplugged for free or plugged in for $1.00, call us for valid time periods. Subject to site availability.

Holiday Reservations require a minimum of 3 days.

Please note that we will make a reasonable effort to honor site preferences, but we reserve the right to change sites to accommodate longer term reservations. If you wish to be guaranteed the site you chose you may do so by paying a $25.00 Lock Fee (per reservation), which will lock you into the site chosen. If no lock fee is paid we will not guarantee a particular site for you, however we will strive to offer like sites (riverside, full hookup, etc) when possible.

Check-in: 1:00PM or later.
Check-out: 11:00AM or before.

Early arrivals and late departures will be subject to a $20.00 fee and must be approved in advance.

Maximum people per site is 6, 2 adults (18 and above) and 4 children.

Deposits and Cancellation Policies:


There are no refunds given for early departures.
All cancellations and late changes shortening a reservation are subject to a $20.00 cancellation/late change fee.
A deposit of $50.00 is required for a 1 to 6 day stay and is refundable with a 7-day notice prior to the beginning of the reservation period, minus the $20.00 cancellation/late change fee.
A deposit of $100.00 is required for a 3-day holiday weekend and is not refundable.
A deposit of $100.00 is required for 1-2 week stays. Week-long stay deposits are refundable with a 30-day notice prior to the beginning of the reservation period, minus the $20.00 cancellation/late change fee.
A deposit if $150.00 is required for 3-4 week stays. Deposits are refundable with a 45-day notice prior to the beginning of the reservation period, minus the $20.00 cancellation/late change fee.
A deposit of $200.00 is required for the first 30 days of an extended stay reservation. Additional days will require $100.00 for each month or portion thereof. Deposits are refundable with a 60-day notice prior to the beginning of the reservation period, minus the $20.00 cancellation/late change fee.


All guests must sign in at the office.
Day guests of registered campers will be charged a fee of $5.00 per adult and $3.00 per child. Seasonal guests will be required to pay the day guest fee on Saturday. Day guest hours 9:00AM - 10:00PM. Overnight guests of registered campers will be charged a fee of $10.00 per adult and $5.00 per child. Any guest remaining after 10:00PM will be considered an overnight guest.
Registered campers are responsible for their guests and must be on site while their guests are here. Please note an additional fee of $10.00 will be charged on the day of the annual Pig Roast.
Please note that the maximum number of day guests at any given time should not exceed 4 without permission from Ken or Sylvia. The number of overnight guests should not exceed the site maximum of 4 without permission from Ken or Sylvia.

Additional Charges:

Each campsite is allowed one additional tent at $10.00 per night plus overnight visitor’s fees, if applicable.
Dump station use - registered campers - $5.00
Mobile Pump Service - $25.00

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