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Abel Mountain Site Map

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Abel Mountain Trail Map

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Abel Mountain Campground State of Emergency Rules

1. Safety is the top priority of Abel Mountain. All campers must follow the rules and regulations as well as use common sense. Any situation not directly covered by the rules but deemed unsafe by a staff member will be addressed. Decisions of any staff member are final pertaining to noise, campfires and other infringements of the campground rules or unsafe acts/conditions. Disrespect of authority, property or other campers is grounds for camper removal. Abel Mountain Campground reserves the right to amend rules at any time. Your cooperation with the changes below is appreciated.
2. The speed limit in the campground is 10 MPH for all vehicles. This is a must as children, bicyclists and other pedestrians share the roadway with vehicular traffic. Safety bumps have been installed to slow vehicles. Please do not avoid them by driving on the lawns.
3. Store and office will be open but we ask that no more than 1 customer in the office at a time. We will be asking everyone to complete check in documents and payment of the remaining balances prior to arrival. Car tags and wifi codes will be delivered to the site after you arrive during normal business hours posted at office. Anyone needing assistance (wood, ice, problem resolution) will be asked to call or ring the call box during the posted hours unless it is an emergency.
4. No smoking in any of the park buildings, the pavilion, the pool or the playgrounds. Please dispose of your cigarette butts in receptacles located around the park. Help keep our park clean by using the receptacles instead of dropping the butts on the ground.
5. Bathrooms will remain closed until further notice. Only self-contained units will be accepted for registration.
6. Any camper that is expecting guests should let the office know prior to their arrival. ALL GUESTS MUST REGISTER WITH THE OFFICE and sign the State’s Certificate of Compliance Form. No more than 4 guests per day per campsite please. Adult guests will be required to pay the $5 per day guest fee. Failure to register guests could result in you being asked to leave.
7. Check in time is 1:00 PM or later, check out time 11:00 AM at the latest. Please notify the office if your arrival time is outside normal business hours. Please check with the office if you wish to remain on your site after normal check out time. Early arrivals and late departures will be charged $20.
8. Each campsite is allowed a maximum of four people overnight to help keep numbers down during the State of Emergency. The site fee allows for two adults and up to 2 children under 18. Additional adults will be charged $7 per night if staying overnight. One additional tent is allowed per site at $10 per night plus overnight guest fees, where applicable. (* Families with 2 adults and up to 4 children under 18 are acceptable in most instances.)
9. Each campsite is allowed a maximum of two vehicles. Extra vehicles may park on the storage lot on the hill. Parking should be within your campsite’s boundaries (utility pedestal to utility pedestal) and off the roadway. Transient campers bringing utility trailers should check with the office prior to arrival.
10. Washing vehicles and campers at the campground is prohibited.
11. Quiet pets on leashes are welcome. Pets may not be left unattended at the campsite. Picking up your dog’s waste immediately is mandatory. There are four pet waste stations located throughout the park (see map for locations). Pets are not permitted in the pool area, playgrounds or in any of the bath houses. Noisy pets, failure to keep your pet on a leash or failure to pick up after your pet could result in a request to remove your pet from the premises. Aggressive pets will not be tolerated and will be required to leave the premises. All pet owners should have, in their possession, current copy of their pet’s rabies certificate.
12. Campsite boundaries are utility pedestal to utility pedestal. Please respect other campers’ sites and refrain from crossing others’ campsites unless permission has been granted. Please stay on roads and designated paths throughout the grounds.
13. Please keep your campsite clean during your stay and leave the campsite in same condition you found it in when you arrived.
14. Please be responsible when having a campfire and keep campfire contained to a fire ring only. Campfires should be extinguished before retiring for the night and should never be left unattended. Fire rings are not to be used for garbage cans – only newspaper, kindling and firewood should be burned in the fire ring. Please do not move the fire rings, we do not want multiple burnt spots on the sites. Keep numbers around the campfire to a reasonable level and maintain a 6’ distance between you and anyone that is not residing in the same camper as you if they are not in your ‘trusted friend or family’ group.
15. Per Vermont law firewood must be purchased in-state unless it is heat treated and a certificate verifying such is provided. To protect our trees and surrounding woods please do not transport untreated firewood from out of state.
16. There are three trash dumpsters, three recycling dumpsters, and three compost stations in the park for waste and recycling generated at the park. See the park map for locations. Recycling is required in Vermont, please check with the office if you are unsure what is recyclable. Do not dispose of large items (including, but not limited to TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, electronics, furniture, rugs, mattresses, etc.) in the dumpsters. These items should be taken home or disposed of at the Randolph Transfer Station at the camper’s expense. Compost stations are for vegetable and fruit food waste only, no meat or dairy products please. We require that you wash your hands immediately after placing trash or recycling in a dumpster to prevent the possible spread of the virus.
17. Playgrounds will remain closed until further notice.
18. The pavilion will be open for us Maximum group sizes of 75 or less (to accommodate social distancing) must be adhered to. Social distancing must be adhered to for anyone not in your ‘trusted family and friends group’. The use of facial coverings is recommended.
19. Bike helmets are required for children under 18. Because they are difficult to be seen, low profile pedal bikes or pedal cars will be required to have a safety flag not shorter than 5' tall attached to it, or have an adult walking along side as the child rides them. Children’s gas or electric cars/carts are not allowed in the park. park. Riding bikes after dusk is prohibited. Riding bikes after dusk is prohibited. Please make sure all bikes are back at your site prior to ½ hour before sunset.
20. ATVs or other motorized off-road vehicles are not allowed to be driven in the park or on the hiking trails. Seasonal and long-term campers that bring golf carts must abide by the Golf Cart Regulations provided with their camping contracts.
21. Hiking trails are for day hikes only (no overnight camping). No one under 18 is permitted on the trails without a parent or guardian. See hiking trail map for further rules. Please maintain the 6' Social Distancing rule on the trails. Step off the trail and let other pass to maintain social distancing.
22. Quiet time in the campground is 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. During this time voices, activity and other noises must be kept to a minimum. Please be aware that normal speaking voices can carry. Outside radios and TVs should be turned off. However, Abel Mountain reserves the right to briefly extend quiet time as it may pertain to entertainment provided by the campground for all its guests.
23. This is a family friendly park. Campers’ activities shall not interfere with other Campers’ use and quiet enjoyment of their site. Disturbing others, disorderly conduct, fighting or obscene language may result in eviction.
24. At Abel Mountain we strive to make the best camping experience possible for all. We have chosen to designate our park a drug free area. The use of any recreational drugs, legal or otherwise, will result in an early departure for the offenders. Thank you in advance for complying with this designation.
25. Charging of electric vehicles is prohibited at campsites unless you are paying for metered electric and are charging the vehicle on your site.
26. All campers receiving a discount of 30% or more will be required to pay for metered electric.
27. Only RV fast dissolving toilet tissue is to be flushed into the septic system. No baby or personal wipes (even if they say septic system safe) and no feminine hygiene products are to be placed in toilets or RV holding tanks. Anyone using banned items and causing a system back up will be charged for repair costs.
28. Use of the Laundry will be by appointment to assure only one camping family uses the space at the same to assure that social distancing is adhered to and to have all touch points disinfected prior to use.
29. You must keep the social distance space of 6’ between you and anyone not residing in the camper with you that is not a part of your ‘trusted friend or family’ group. Also, when you are off your site or joining others on a site you must wear a facemask to protect yourselves and others around you.
30. Congregating in groups greater than what the state has allowed is prohibited.
31. We request that anyone that is sick (fever, coughing, tiredness, shortness of breath) or that has come in contact with anyone infected with Covid19 stay home. If you start exhibiting symptoms of illness after your arrival we require that you go home if possible. You must self quarantine in your camper if you cannot leave. Failure to leave or self quarantine could result in expulsion from the Campground.
32. We will not be accepting personal package deliveries until further notice.
33. Registered campers are responsible for making sure rules are followed on their site and will be held accountable. Failure to adhere to rules on your site will be grounds for removal from the campground.
34. We will follow local and state requirements/regulations that may change at any time.
35. Pool Rules:
• There is no lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult. PLEASE be watchful of your children at all times.
• No diving or jumping into the pool – serious injury could result. Also, no water guns, running or rough play in the pool area. Anyone doing so will be asked to leave the pool area.
• Please no food, alcoholic beverages or smoking in the pool area. Also, no pets are allowed in the pool area.
• No glass and no sharp objects allowed in the pool area. No large floatation devices in the pool area.
• Children under three and all others not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers or snug fitting plastic pants.
• The pool will be closed when the temperatures are not expected to exceed 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the regular season.
• The pool will be closed at the first instance of thunder and will remain closed for 30 minutes after the last instance of thunder is heard. Please exit the pool as soon as you hear thunder!
• The pool is for the use of Abel Mountain guests only.
• Pool gates must be kept closed at all times.
• In case of emergency dial 911.
Covid-19 Guidelines:
• Maximum occupancy within the fenced in pool area is 60. Please be mindful of others that would like to swim. If you have been in the pool area a while please head back to your site so that others can enjoy the pool.
• Bring your own chair and maintain the 6 foot social distance from anyone not in your ‘trusted friend or family’ group while both in and out of the pool.
• Use hand sanitizer (provided under the tent) after you have touched any common surface while on the pool deck.
• Do not share toys and equipment.
• If you need to cough or sneeze do so into a tissue or in the upper sleeve/arm area.
• Avoid touching gates, fences, posts, etc.
• Do not enter the pool area if you or a member of your camping group does not feel well.
• Avoid touching your face.
• Avoid sharing drinks or towels.
• At least one rest room at the pool will be open for use during open pool hours.
• Facial coverings for those on the pool deck is encouraged. DO NOT use facial coverings in the water.

It is everyone’s responsibility to help stop the spread of Covid-19 by washing hands frequently or using hand sanitizer (especially after touching objects outside your home), coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your elbow, refraining from touching your face, keeping at least 6’ between you and others not in your immediate household and wearing a face covering when around others outside of your household. You should also remain home if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, chills, coughing, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, muscle pain, headache or sore throat.

Click here to download our Trash and Recycling guidelines (PDF).